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How ICO Score Works

The ICO Score is the score of an ICO after being analyzed in 7 criteria and the evaluation of the public through the vote in the personalized ICO page. The sum of this score is divided by the maximum score of 800 points.

Official Page

Page opening time, ease of access, design, multiple languages, security, integrity, innovation and token sales system.

Main Infos

Smart Token or Currency Contracts, Project Location, ICO application form and project integrity if registered as a company in any country.


Real possibility of being done design, design, multiple languages, ease of understanding and contain all project processes correctly equal the site.

Project Completed

Project progress, team of developers, planning and deadline for finalization. The closer you finish the project the more points are awarded.


Number of team members, integrity of founders, team photos and videos, and team personal profile.

Social Media

Frequency of use, comments and likes of followers, use of bots fakes, verification of complaints in forums and websites.


Checking listings, advertising and design investment, video promo, innovation, pre-ico, airdrop, affiliates, faucet and bounty program.

Average Like

This score is calculated by voting on the ICO custom page on our website.

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