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  • Token:NGR
  • Plataform:Ethereum
  • ICO Supply:9.666.666
  • Total Supply:11.788.617
  • Price1NGR=3$
  • Soft Cap500.000 USD
  • Hard Cap22.000.000 USD
  • Start Sale2018-04-02
  • End Sale2018-05-24
  • LocationDublin, Ireland
  • The key advantage of NagriCoin over other cryptocurrencies is it’s sectoral specificity. Being the only agricultural token Nagricoin is tied to real sector of the economy which compensates currency fluctuation and adds lasting value. The token basic asset is the Nagri-HL - newest organic composite formulation of microelements and antioxidants stimulating plant growth. Being in development for more than 7 years this advanced product demonstrates increase of yields and quality for almost any crop it is applied to and therefore will find wide application in agricultural and plant cultivation sectors around the world.

    The Basic asset of the NGR token is Nagri-HL, which has been in development for more than 7 years and is now ready for release worldwide. Nagri-HL is the newest organic product of microelements and antioxidants that stimulate plant growth. It has a broad application for agriculture and plant cultivation, increasing yields and improving the quality of virtually any crop.

    Nagricoin is the project of an international biotechnology company , created by a team of international scientists and business people.

  • Key competitive advantages of Nagri

  1. Stimulates plant growth rate and increases yield by 10-30%.
  2. Increases absorption of all necessary minerals and trace elements by plants. Increases content of vitamins, sucrose and other nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Intensifies metabolic processes in plant cells and reduces the amount of nitrates by 50%.
  3. Enables the development of a powerful root system.
  4. Strengthens the immune space is missing, helps to fight diseases and increases the shelf life of the crop. Improves plant’s drought endurance.
  5. Reduces acidity. Improves soil structure and stimulates development of space is missing, that contributes effectively to the humus rejuvenation process. Prevents absorption of technological pollution products by plants (mercury, lead, pesticides, etc.). 
  6. The finished product has a long shelf life and can be prepared in the required amount for sowing, etc.
  7. Absolutely non-toxic and safe for humans and animals


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